Advisory Services


We provide clients support across every step of the corporate journey, from operational establishment, to initial business launch, to regional and national expansion, and, if appropriate, eventual business sale, merger, or public listing.

Our key service areas include:

  • Operational Efficiency Evaluation & Benchmarking
  • Brand Launch, Development & Loyalty
  • Expansion Strategies & Growth Initiative Implementation
  • Sales & Marketing Platform Optimization
  • Capital Raising
  • Partnerships, Strategic Acquisitions & Sales

Operational Efficiency Evaluation & Benchmarking

One of the most dynamic challenges for high growth businesses is how to manage fast expansion while at the same time establishing a solid operating foundation. Specifically, this means developing the business’ underlying workflows, processes, team core responsibilities, organizational structuring, and incentive systems that are right for the period of growth of the business. These are the core elements of success.

Soundstone Partners leverages decades of operating experience across multiple sectors to provide tailored approaches to best practices, systems, and procedures that will enhance your business’ operating efficiency, provide a solid platform for growth, and allow your senior executives to focus on business expansion.

Brand Launch, Development & Loyalty

What is the personality of your brand and how do you express this is the right way in a new market to win confidence, traction, and loyalty? What are the right PR and advertising channels and to achieve strong brand reach?
Our team has experience in building some of the most iconic and influential brands in Asia and are experts at brand conceptualization, brand development, and creating the right personality of your brand to drive affinity and expand market awareness.

Expansion Strategies & Growth Initiative Implementation

What are key opportunities in your target markets where you have clear differentiation or advantage? Where is consolidation or commoditization taking place where your offer can stand apart? How can you outmaneuver competitors for market share?
Across Asian and North American markets, we can help you understand the competitive environment, evaluate growth opportunities, put in place the right expansion strategy, and implement that strategy together with your team.

Sales & Marketing Platform Optimization

The Soundstone team are absolute experts in developing and optimizing all aspects of sales & marketing, covering everything from lead generation, to prospect qualification, to conversion and customer acquisition, as well as sustained customer loyalty. We’ve built sector-leading sales & marketing platforms with focus on data capture and process optimization across all sales funnel stages, marketing channel strategy and management, and codification/formalization of standard marketing policies and procedures. In both Asia and North America we work closely with clients to guide them through fundamental issues underlying market growth and implementation of sales and marketing acceleration plans.

Capital Raising

Since 2005, Soundstone has worked closely with a broad group of institutional investors in venture, growth equity, and late-stage majority investment transactions, totalling over US$4 billion in invested capital. We have long-standing and deep relationships with leading institutional, family office, and high net worth investors throughout Asia and North America. We support clients to coordinate the entire capital raising process and find the right investors who can contribute much more than capital.

Partnerships, Strategic Acquisitions & Sales

Where clients are looking to expand through partnerships or acquisition, we utilize our extensive business network throughout Asia and North America to find appropriate targets. We support clients in full evaluation of those businesses as well as partnership or transaction structuring and process coordination.

In situations where clients are interested to sales or divestitures, we maximize value for clients by helping them to find suitable investors or franchise partners, reposition subsidiaries or business divisions, and transform operational footprints in ways that fit client strategies.